Brainfood: Truffle diversity, Pig diversity, SDMs

by Luigi Guarino on October 17, 2016


Watch people having food at the World Food Prize

by Luigi Guarino on October 13, 2016

You all know you can live stream different bits of the World Food Prize whatnot, right? Including the breakfasts and lunches, which seems extreme, and yet at the same time appropriate. I just hope orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are on the menu.

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The 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress will be taking place in New Delhi, India from November 6-9, 2016. All the usual suspects will be there, and then some. We always say this, and we never (well, rarely) get any takers, but I’ll say it again for completeness, and because the social media arrangements for this particular shindig are unclear from the website: if you’re going to be there, and would like to blog about the proceedings, let us know, and we’ll make it happen.


Brainfood: Genomic data edition

by Luigi Guarino on October 10, 2016


A new dawn in Lebanon, and ICARDA

5 October 2016

If you’re one of the lucky few who follow me on social media, you’ll know I was in Lebanon last week for the opening of the new ICARDA genebank. It was great to meet the dedicated team of Lebanese and Syrian staff who are re-establishing the active collection at Terbol in the Bekaa Valley, with […]

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Aurochs redux

27 September 2016

A paper just out in Open Quaternary discusses “The Draft Genome of Extinct European Aurochs and its Implications for De-Extinction.” Not to boast about it, but we were onto that five years back.

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Brainfood: SE Asia archaeobotany, Avocado cryo, Farm diversity & revenue, DOC cheese, Kenyan agrobiodiversity, Perennial pigeonpea, Algerian sheep diversity, Basil rankings, Wild sunflower

26 September 2016

Rice, beans and trade crops on the early maritime Silk Route in Southeast Asia. At trade crossroads, crops had to audition for inclusion in the local menu. Cryopreservation of somatic embryos for avocado germplasm conservation. Still needs work. Soil fertility, crop biodiversity, and farmers’ revenues: Evidence from Italy. Diverse farms are more profitable, and can […]

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Happy birthday, international agricultural research!

22 September 2016

I may have missed a couple, but at least two international agricultural research centres have big birthday bashes this month: CIMMYT is 50 and CIP is 45. CIMMYT has marked the occasion with the release of a very comprehensive history of its early years, with lots of cool vintage photos.

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Do you like pina colada?

21 September 2016

Well, it could be in trouble… “It’s fair to say that at this pace, the Caribbean is running out of coconuts,” said Compton Paul, coordinator of a regional coconut program at the Trinidad-based Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

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Brainfood: Wilderness loss, Indian rice breeding, Wild barley, Korean millet, Jute mallow diversity, Wheat yields, Orange cassava

19 September 2016

Catastrophic Declines in Wilderness Areas Undermine Global Environment Targets. 10% of supposedly remote wilderness areas gone since the early 1990s. Genetic diversity trend in Indian rice varieties: an analysis using SSR markers. The diversity of rice varieties released in India has been decreasing, but only of late. Genotypic and phenotypic changes in wild barley (Hordeum […]

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